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Are you a Catholic in London between the ages of 18-35, looking to meet others who fit that description? In such a huge city, you may not even know where to start! I’m hoping to make that easier by putting information about all the groups and events you might want to get involved in right here, so you can see them all and choose the ones that best suit you!

Please don’t hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions. If you know of a relevant group or event you don’t see on the site, I will be happy to include it!

It’s a great time to be a young Catholic in London! Get out there and learn about your faith, make great friends, spend time with God in prayer, and have all kinds of fun!

God bless,


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National Prayer Vigil for Life

If you’ve been following world news lately, you know how desperately the world needs to know the value of human life. The National Prayer Vigil for Life is a beautiful opportunity for us to come together in prayer for the protection of the most vulnerable. Come, and bring your friends!


Prayer Vigil for Life.jpg

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Conquerors: Youth 2000 Prayer Festival @ Walsingham


What? A 5 day Prayer Festival, packed with dynamic talks, live-band worship, powerful prayer times, fun social activities, creative workshops, in-depth discussions, evening entertainment and loads more. With top speakers from the USA and all over the UK. Look out for the programme coming soon!

When? 25th – 29st of August 2016 Registration opens at 4pm!

Where? The Roman Catholic National Shrine of Our Lady, Walsingham, Norfolk, NR22 6ALIn this ancient and holy place we come with our Big Top and tents to create great festival atmosphere.

Who’s it for? Youth 2000 events are primarily for 16-35 year olds. If you are in this age range and looking for answers to the big questions in life, then this retreat is for you!

Families are also most welcome to join us for this festival, with activities for children aged 5-15 each day. This is a great chance for a holy holiday together.

If you are 35+ and keen to come, please register in advance as a volunteer. You will not only get to experience the incredible atmosphere of this festival but also live out our Christian calling to serve. Youth 2000 needs over 100 volunteers for this festival, so please get in touch: WE NEED YOU!! 

Want to bring UNDER 16’S? Under 16’s are welcome to this retreat if they are coming with their family or with 2 guardians of the same gender nominated by their parents and are mature enough to engage with the retreat. Please see the special booking form below for under 16’s.

Cost:£100 per person. However we run on a donation-only policy, so if you cannot pay the full amount we ask you to give what you can, but not to let the money stop you coming. If you can give more, this will help towards a place for someone else.

What to bring:

WARM CLOTHES! – It may be August but boy does it get cold at night!!

Tent – If you don’t have one, why not find a friend who does and bring them with you!

Roll mat 

Sleeping bag

Pillow & Blanket

Ear Plugs

Towel & Wash-kit

Cash for Tuck Shop & Merchandise


Notebook & Pen

Bible & Rosaries (If you have them.

More info here:!conquerors/b2675


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Freedom Novena

A novena to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for the healing of addictions

After each day’s reflection, pray the Novena Prayer (see bottom)


Day 1: The Annunciation

Mary, you were troubled and confused when the angel Gabriel proposed God’s plan to you, but you knew that whatever lay ahead, the trials would be nothing compared to the joys of living God’s will. With your “Yes,” you started a kind of novena yourself – a nine-month preparation to meet Jesus. Please walk with us and those we carry in our hearts over these nine days of prayer. Show us how to say “Yes” to whatever God wants to do in our lives.

(Novena Prayer)


Day 2: The Visitation

Mary, your unexpected pregnancy brought all sorts of difficulties: the societal danger of being with child before marriage and the whispers of relatives, friends and neighbours, in addition to the physical toll of the first trimester. But in the midst of all this you forgot about your own needs and went straight to the home of Elizabeth. Help me to overcome myself by opening my eyes to the needs of those around me, and to carry Jesus within me like you did, so that everyone who encounters me encounters Him.

(Novena Prayer)


Day 3: The Birth of Jesus

Mary, in that stable far from home, nothing felt right… until the moment when you came face to face with the Love of your life. When you held Jesus in your arms, there was nowhere else in the world you would rather have been. Love transforms everything! Please bring Jesus into each area of our lives that needs His healing touch, and lead us to interior freedom no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in.

(Novena Prayer)


Day 4: The Flight into Egypt

Mary, even after the incredible joy of Jesus’ birth, God’s will for your family was full of difficult twists and turns. You had to escape to Egypt, always remembered by your people as the dreaded place of enslavement. But in God’s time, he brought your Holy Family home again. You feel the pain of everyone who lives in exile in the Egypt of addiction. You know how much they desire to be free. Please be the guiding star that leads them home.

(Novena Prayer)


Day 5: The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple

Mary, it must have been such an agony not to know where your Son was for three long days. Maybe you blamed yourself for not paying more attention. After one whole day and then another passed without any sign of Jesus, you had to fight off terrifying thoughts of what might have happened and you chose to hope in God’s goodness. Your motherly heart is anxious to bring us safely home too. Come and find us wherever we’ve wandered, and help us to watch and pray with determination and trust like yours for those who need your healing touch.

(Novena Prayer)


Day 6: The Wedding Feast at Cana

Mary, many of the guests at this wedding banquet would have looked into their empty goblets and announced, “I have no wine.” But you, as always, were more focused on the needs of others than your own. You felt the humiliation this shortage would cause the young couple, and you trusted Jesus to transform the situation, even before the appointed time. This gives us the courage to make a bold request: Please ask Jesus to break the addictions of all those we’re praying for even sooner than he plans to. His heart is always moved by your trust in him.

(Novena Prayer)


Day 7: The Agony in the Garden

Mary, as Jesus began to feel the agony of his Passion, maybe you knew in your heart that something was wrong and you started to pray. Maybe it was at your prayer that an angel was sent to comfort and strengthen him. We can often sense when something isn’t right with someone we love. Help us to be observant and available to support those in difficult situations, and send your angels to strengthen us in the battles we face.

(Novena Prayer)


Day 8: The Road to Calvary

Mary, you watched and prayed as your Son struggled with fading strength to carry his cross. Over and over his desire to carry it was frustrated by the weakness of his human body and he fell. Every time this happened, the soldiers tried to motivate Jesus with their whips, instead bringing him closer to death. Finally a moment of relief was on its way as Veronica pushed through the crowds. There was little she could do to ease his physical pain, but as she pressed her veil to the face of Jesus she warmed his heart and yours with her brave act of kindness. People with addictions carry a heavy cross. Help me never to approach them with cold condemnation, remembering the times I’ve experienced my own weakness. Let my heart be broken with compassion for what they suffer. Let them encounter the life-changing love of Jesus in me.

(Novena Prayer)


Day 9: The Resurrection

Mary, since you shared in Jesus’ suffering and death to a greater extent than anyone else, no one rejoiced more than you did when after three long days he finally overcame death! Now, knowing that nothing is impossible, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that the addiction in each person I’ve been praying for would be broken, and I now entrust myself and my loved ones to your Immaculate Heart. Thank you for the chains you’re breaking now and for the healing that will be coming in the days ahead!


Novena Prayer to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

O Most Blessed Mother, heart of love, heart of mercy, ever listening, caring, consoling, hear our prayer. As your children, we implore your intercession with Jesus your Son. Receive with understanding and compassion the petitions we place before you today, especially …(special intention).

We are comforted in knowing your heart is ever open to those who ask for your prayer. We trust to your gentle care and intercession, those whom we love and who are sick or lonely or hurting. Help all of us, Holy Mother, to bear our burdens in this life until we may share eternal life and peace with God forever.

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Impossible Truth

Joseph absentmindedly brushed the fragments of wood from his hands as he thought, “There’s only one way out of this. I have to divorce her.”

This woman, an angel among mortals, was pregnant with another man’s child, and Joseph knew she could never be completely his. She was defiled. Nothing could undo what had been done to her. The very thought sickened him.

He sank into bed and steeled himself for the long sleepless night ahead. He didn’t notice his eyes growing heavy.

Darkness gathered and hung over Joseph’s motionless body hour after hour, but just before dawn he awoke with a start.

The light, the radiant messenger – it had all been a dream. But in the strange and impossible message about his betrothed, Joseph recognised something very familiar to his heart. It was the truth. He had to find her again.


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Revealing the Mud-Splattered Self

A few months ago, I was teaching Year 9 English at a secondary school in Kent. The kids were working on journal entries they had written from the perspective of a WWI soldier. I sat down with one boy who had a lot of trouble expressing himself in writing. I looked over the document in progress on the computer. It was so laden with spelling mistakes and suffering from such a lack of punctuation that it was barely comprehensible.

As we went through and corrected the entire composition one word at a time, the boy’s ideas began to emerge. His journal entry described the inner torment of a soldier trying to adapt to life after the war, with such genuine anguish that it actually brought tears to my eyes.

This struck me as a metaphor for the inner beauty of every human being, so often obscured by the mud we pick up along the way. Some of this mud is splattered on us by others, and some we dive into of our own accord. The essential beauty and worth is still there, waiting to be revealed. All we have to do is let Jesus flood our hearts with Living Water. His hand is already on the tap.


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Advent – What are we waiting for?

A workshop taking us from creativity to contemplation…

Sarah de Nordwall’s selection of poems and stories prepare the ground to reflect on the connection between creativity and prayer. It was fascinating to see how small our horizons sometimes are… yet we live against an infinite horizon, but can forget what we are really waiting for and how we are waiting. Even more than this, I had never fully realised before that God is the One doing the waiting really – like a beggar knocking at the door – for me.

A participant last Monday said…

“A workshop evening spent in Sarah’s company is immensely fruitful; she inspires and encourages you to think about the important stuff of life, with drama, humour and a wealth of well researched material which will make you long for more” Judith Howard, Fundraiser for the Royal Ballet and mother of two.

We start at 7pm with packed supper (or a bit of bring and share) and then dive in…with faery tales and philosophy, spirituality and interactive exercises to get you thinking afresh!

A great way to prepare for Advent and also to introduce friends to the Gospel.

What does it cost?
£15 on the door or £10 concessions
Advent Workshops 17th nov and 24th Nov.

incarnation Workshops Dec 8th and 15th – incarnation – Who are we now?

The next Poetry show is 6th December. Do book soon because the last one sold out! It’s so great having a Manager. God bless Tom Kingsley Jones whom I met at Mart and Katherine’s wedding. Find it on Eventbrite under Sarah de Nordwall

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CAFOD Presents a Free Screening of “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”!

Are you 18 – 29 and inspired by Nelson Mandela? Book a ticket for CAFOD’s free film event on December 11
th at 7:00pm to commemorate Mandela: a screening of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, starring Idris Elba, followed by an exclusive Q&A with the film’s award-winning director Justin Chadwick. This screening will be held at The May Fair Hotel, Stratton Street, London W1J 8LT. It is free, but tickets must be booked in advance! Book at

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Towards Advent: Festival of Catholic Culture

Towards Advent 2014The 2014 Towards Advent Festival is on Saturday, 22 November at Westminster Cathedral Hall Ambrosden Avenue SW1. Stalls and displays from a range of Catholic groups and organisations selling DVDs, books, Christmas cards, gift etc. Musical opening at 10.30am with the choir of the John Fisher School, Purley. Talks and workshops during the day: ‘Teaching the Faith’, ‘Latin chant: learn how to sing it’. Refreshments available. All are welcome.

Facebook event page:

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Catholic Tour of London

old map of london

London is STEEPED in Catholic history, and the Ealing Abbey (St Benedict’s) Young Adults group are so SO blessed to have Catholic historian, author, journalist and EWTN presenter Auntie Joanna (Joanna Bogle) take us on a fascinating and lively journey that is both historical and spiritual!

Our meet-up place is outside Westminster Cathedral (by the CTS bookshop) at 11:45am for a 12pm departure on Saturday 29th November 2014.

Wear comfortable shoes and bring some waterproofs as we learn about some of the most powerful moments of the Martyrs along the route, that happened during the Reformation! Don’t worry though, it’s not all doom and gloom… Auntie Joanna’s seriously loads of fun and wonderfully eccentric, and she’ll be keeping us on our toes for sure!

We’ll reach London Bridge around 2:30pm where we can hit the pub for some grub, have a nice beer (or a killer hot chocolate in my case), and then head out somewhere afterwards for people who fancy it!

This event is open to anybody and everybody who would like to come on the tour, young and old… so tell all your friends about it!

The cost is £8 for the tour (such a bargain for all the knowledge that Auntie Joanna will be sharing with us!). Bring some snacks with you in case you get hungry en-route too!

Facebook event page:

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Faith Movement Winter Conference 2014


Set in the beautiful grounds of Stonyhurst College, Lancashire, the Faith Winter Session takes place from Monday 29th – Wednesday 31st December 2014, and includes three days of talks on the faith which take place alongside daily Mass, opportunities for discussion and social time. This event gives young Catholics a chance to ask questions about their faith and meet one another in an informal and prayerful atmosphere. The timetable is balanced to include opportunities for prayer, sporting and social activities; and a deepening of one’s relationship with God is enabled by opportunities for Confession, daily Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and the celebration of the Divine Office. There is a licensed bar on the premises (over 18s only) and the programme of evening entertainments includes a traditional Ceilidh (Scottish dancing).

All accommodation and meals are provided on-site and those with specific dietary requirements are catered for. A tuck-shop is also available for the purchasing of sweets and snacks.

The theme of this year’s conference is The Joy of the Gospel: Proclaiming Christ with Courage and Compassion

The organiser of this event is

Ann McCallion
9 Herma Street
G23 5AP

T: 00441414222634

If you are in financial hardship and wish to apply for a subsidy in order to attend the Faith Winter Session please get in touch with the conference organiser via or00441419450393.

Bookings open in October. Faith Winter Session 2014 closing: 8th December, 2014

There are a limited number of places available on the Faith Winter Session. Bookings are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and those interested in attending are encouraged to book in advance.

For more information, and to book now, visit
Facebook event page: